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Addictaball - Have you got the skills?

Do you enjoy being confounded? Frustrated? Muddled, befuddled or just plain stumped? Then you’d better get yourself Addict-a-Ball. In fact, you’d better get both – the large and the small version.

Addict-a-Ball is a handheld game without a sound effect, battery or controller in sight. It’s completely low tech, but highly frustrating. It looks like a mutant hamster maze. You may even mistake it for a child’s toy with such brightly colored components (so you’ll be even more embarrassed and obsessive when you can’t seem to get it right!).

Remember those little plastic encased mazes with the little ball-bearings that you’d tilt, wiggle and jiggle to get the little silver ball into its spot? Well, the Addict-a-Ball is kind of like one of those – only on steroids!
Addict-a-Ball Large

Suspended in the transparent orb, you’ll see all manner of platforms, holes and spirals – which you need to guide the little metal ball through, over, down and around.

The large version is 19cm in diameter with 138 different sections which you’ll need to navigate to experience that ever elusive feeling of accomplishment and triumph. The smaller version is 13cm diameter with 100 different sections. To help you along (kind of), each of the sections is numbered so that you can trace your next step.

The Addict-a-Ball is the perfect gift for a puzzle lover. You might also consider leaving one in your company’s reception area for waiting clients (that should keep them busy). Just remember, if you order the Addict-a-Ball as a gift, DO NOT try it – otherwise, we’ll see you back here next week.
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* Maze 1 - Large (138 stages): 19 cm / 7.5 inches diameter ball with 0.5 cm / 0.2 inches plastic rim.
* Maze 2 - Small (100 stages): 13 cm / 5.1 inches diameter ball with 0.5 cm / 0.2 inches plastic rim.

Addict a ball australia
Addict a ball australia Addict a ball. Have you got the skills?

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